Are you OK?

“Are you OK?” “How are you doing?” These are questions that we’ve come to ask so quickly and routinely, and we’ve even become quick to dismiss the responses and walk away without giving it further thought. Have you answered this question flippantly lately as to “Fine” with one million things on your mind without really even stopping to appreciate what it actually means for you, let alone your team or loved ones?

It’s time for a change in the workplace. People aren’t just fine. People shouldn’t just say they are ok for the sake of it. People shouldn’t just feel they only have an option but to say they are "fine" or to be ostracized, stereotyped, given less opportunities, perceived wrong, or worse- to be ignored and isolated. When people fear leaving their homes because even the neighborhood Grocery Store or gas station aren’t safe, navigating sick and loss of loved ones, it’s a tough time. These are the same people who come into your workplace every single day. How are you pouring into supporting them?

Imagine you had to come into work thinking about these horrific tragedies on top of raising your family, preparing for a work presentation, dealing with a difficult Boss, not aligning with the organization and where it’s headed or its policies and practices, feeling like you're not seen, valued, and/or heard in the workplace. It happens every day in many workplaces around the world.

What is the role of the employer, families, friends, the Media, and the general public and Community to bring information forward when there are concerning issues? How are we keeping employee safe? What is our responsibility?

At CEPHR, we are big on Accountability in all of its forms and we must ask you to examine and re-examine the ways in which you pour into each other in the forms of Leadership, your teams, your family, and yourselves. Do you allow your employees, clients, and other stakeholders to show up- safely? Are you tolerating poor behavior on the client side, ignoring how it impacts employees? How do you handle it when employees, clients, and other stakeholders show up fully, vulnerably?

People are dealing with battles you may or may not know about. Burnout is at an all-time high and employee Well-Being should be ever-more present on the minds of Leaders. If you don't ask the questions (and the right questions), invite Curiosity, add space in the day or meeting agendas, truly seek to understand and assume positive intent on where people are coming from, or why certain things may be occurring, you are missing opportunities to connect. You are missing opportunities to Engage, Lead, Retain, and Support.

Want to hear more on Psychological Safety, preventing Workplace Violence and recognizing Warning Signs, creating safe places in your workplace? Reach out to us today! We offer Consultation on HR processes, procedures, Strategic Planning, and can refer you to Consultants with levels of expertise beyond our scope even, in our network, who will ensure your organization is protected from threats and managing these risks as best as possible.

Be safe, be happy, be well, and do the right thing. Until next month.....

Your CEPHR Team

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