Are you still trying to do it all?

Life is hard enough without trying to put extra pressure on yourself to do it all while balancing work and home. In a recent Blog, we tackled Burnout and recognizing and addressing the signs early. Life can be tangled and complicated, and if you're a Business Owner, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Leader, HR, or have any responsibility in this world whatsoever, trust us that we get the different pressures you're under right now. We feel them too and they are complex to navigate. With COVID decisions to make every time you turn around, inflation, the Russia/Ukraine turmoil, increasing concerns with the Great Resignation, keeping teams engaged, keeping money in the bank and new clients rolling in, and so much more, there is no shortage of things to fret about at any given time.

Let's start with some questions to assess where you may be and hopefully they help you assess whether your plate may be too full. This is such a personal decision so we invite you to explore these for yourself and what works for you, your family, your lifestyle, your role, your career aspirations, and what you want to do- not from anyone else's perspective but your own. After all, who else is going to feel the pangs of your unique situation as much as you will?

  • Are you getting the support you need?

  • Are you taking on more than you should?

  • Are you delegating appropriately?

  • Are you placing higher expectations on yourself than you need to?

  • Are you afraid to take that next step?

  • Are you stuck?

  • Is something holding you back?

Every job has its stressors and pressures. Depending on what Industry you work in, the nature of your role, or other factors, those can be increased at a certain level. If we place too much pressure and undue and unrealistic pressures and expectations on ourselves, don't embrace the power of saying no or delegate appropriately to our teams, and don't have the proper support in place, we are more inclined to feel that stress and pressure. Without adequate support, we are destined to crack under said stress and pressure.

You don't have to do it all. Take a moment, a day, a week, a Sabbatical, and get back on track. Here are some of our favorite ways to pause long enough in the day to get and stay on track:

  • Music- It just makes it all better. So many Genres! And sometimes we even dance it out in #TheHROffice!

  • Starting the day with quiet, reflection, a Blog, a Podcast, exercise, our favorite Breakfast, a good conversation, and/or anything else that helps us pause and not rush into the day

  • Opening the windows for fresh air or running our #BizErrands on a nice day

  • Stretch Breaks and breaking away when you've lost steam on a project (even temporarily)

  • Favorite coffee, tea, other beverages, or snacks-Sharing those with others over a quick chat is a double win

  • A Play Date in Canva- It may sound strange, but creating is good for the Soul!

  • Staring at Artwork in the office and appreciating it

  • Creating our To-Do Lists and assigning strategic priorities to them (realistically and adjusting as needed throughout the day and week- very little NEEDS to be done same-day)

You can't have it all if you're trying to do it all, so remember to take intentional breaks. It's frankly why we had to do a little pause and reset and are getting the Monthly Blog out a day later than usual. When we got intentional current state and future state at CEPHR, it shifted our business toward the path of growth and helped us be more mindful personally and professionally to meet our goals. We want the same for you, because remember......

In Your Corner,


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