Performance Management: 3 Quick Tips to Effectively Manage Performance

You may be a Start-up or lean organization- or maybe you just haven't yet had the time or resources in place or dedicated to establishing the infrastructure or the tools to manage performance. Today, we want to provide you with three quick tips to effectively manage performance even if you're just getting started. Documenting performance, whether you are having performance concerns with employees or not, is a key step and responsibility in Leadership.

It doesn't have to be overly-complicated, but we see that sometimes leaders get stuck and run into barriers when no precedence or tool has existed before. Based on our experience in supporting leaders and organizations with beginning the Performance Management journey, here are three quick tips to get you started. These are things you are already doing, and if not, they are easy enough to implement so you can effectively manage, engage, develop, and retain the talent you have!

1. Document, document, document 📃 may not officially have a tool in place to do so, but you can use Word, Google, your favorite notebook, or e-mail to capture important points from discussions. Documenting performance conversations is critical to supporting employees who may be having performance concerns and there is less risk to the organization by doing so. Plus, if you get to the point that you feel it is best to part ways, you have all of the necessary documentation, AND if it’s important enough to separate employment, it also needs to be important enough to take the time out of your day to document.

Yes, you should be documenting even the good conversations. We want to be celebrating those too! When it comes to employee development or it's time to give that promotion, you now have all the key accomplishments highlighted. This goes a long way toward Employee Engagement. It demonstrates to your employee that you are a leader who cares and is invested in their development. That's a win all day!

2. Process Fairness for the win! 🏆

Speaking of wins......being too quick to judge the person and be punitive when an error occurs (instead of reviewing the processes and systems in place and the root causes of the error) is problematic. It impedes employee confidence, individual and team success, engagement, retention, and is a common barrier to effectively managing performance. Reach out to if you're interested in receiving our Guide for Performance Management Considerations that's releasing soon!

3. Let’s do this again sometime, shall we? 📅

Whether performance is good or requires improvement, don’t let the first conversation be the last. Employees are more engaged (and thus more likely to stay) when they feel that their development is a priority within the organization and to their leader. Don’t brush off reviews. Set the time aside well in advance and prepare well in advance. Employees know when you don’t. You don’t want to test that theory. You should also be taking the pulse of the organization on a regular basis to seek out improvement opportunities as it relates to attraction, engagement, and retention. Need some tips, support, and/or a tool to do so? Send us a note at to learn more!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We are honoring celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and the Jewish Holidays. Awareness and acknowledgement are important pinnacles of inclusion. It is important that we recognize and accept that our Ethnicities are part of our identity, both inside and outside of the workplace. Remember that the best workplaces meet and support us at the wonderful intersections of all of who we are.

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