Unlimited PTO: Does it really mean "unlimited"?


Unlimited PTO sounds good in theory, doesn't it? Is it really feasible though? Should we call it something else? What else are we missing in consideration if we just give everyone an unlimited bucket of time off? We explore that and more in this month's Blog Post.

Here is what applicants, candidates, and your competitors may hear:

  • "People can do whatever they want, whenever they want."

  • "Sweet! I don't have to track this anymore!"

  • "So who's going to do my work when I'm gone?"

  • "Unlimited PTO? THIS is the place for me!"

  • "No more PTO payouts? I'm down!"

  • "Who's idea was this anyway?"

  • "Our competitors are doing it, so obviously we should."

Before you go suggesting and implementing an Unlimited PTO Policy, be sure you've considered the following:

  • Are your employees taking the time they have now under the current structure?

  • Do you even measure whether or not people take the time off?

  • Have you inquired as to the reasons people may not take their earned time off or why they may be consistently absent, late, or over their time off?

  • Do you have an established, clear policy that supports your team equitably?

  • Is the organization set up for every role in the company to be allowed time off?

  • Is there a workflow that supports optimal productivity and the team feeling like the staffing and other resources are in place so they can enjoy their time off stress-free?

  • Do your Leaders model time off being time off?

  • Are there limits to how much time off may become disruptive to business operations?

These are just a start, but you'll want to carefully consider these and other factors. It's a commonly-held belief that policies introduce bureaucracy and that both employees and Leaders abhor them. False, and don't fall into that trap. Both employees and Leaders, and yes, the organization as a whole, need these guidelines. Why is that? Well, you know that we love Curious Questions, so here are some others for your consideration:

  • How do you explain to employees that you have an equitable policy?

  • How do employees know how much time they are allotted to take off?

  • How does the team best support each other to take that time off?

  • How do applicants and candidates fairly evaluate the organization without this being a documented policy?

  • How can the organization demonstrate that it's practicing equitably without a policy?

  • What is getting measured and how, and how does time off factor in?

We've probably left you with more questions than answers at this point, but the goal is not to leave you hanging, but to have you think of how these factors and more apply to you. We encourage you not to just go for "Unlimited PTO" because it seems like what all the "Cool Kids" are doing. You need insights into what else they may be doing, and more (and most) importantly, you need to understand your own organization, team, and what makes it go 'round. What works for one organization doesn't work for all.

Want to learn more on what we have to say about this topic? Listen in to our CEO's episode on Factorial HR's YouTube Channel or check it out on their website. Because we share the Value of Inclusivity with this Collaborative Partner, here are some other ways you can check out this episode by listening in without video:

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