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CEPHR, LLC is a Human Resources Consulting firm founded on the values of integrity, trust, empathy, and active listening. Through focused partnering, we help Small to Mid-Sized Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Start-ups to build out their programs, processes, policies, procedures, and infrastructures, and a strong employer brand and culture. As a Small to Mid-Sized Business, Non-Profit Organization, or Start-up, we recognize that you may not have all of the answers or the resources to work through some of the issues you may be facing. You may have even faced an issue before and this time it’s a bit more complex to navigate. CEPHR works with its clients to problem solve and create the building blocks to create or to enhance programs, initiatives, and outcomes.

​CEPHR’S Business Model is built on a proactive, collaborative approach to building trusting relationships that are the foundation to providing our clients with creative solutions to their unique business needs. We believe in empowering our clients through an interactive approach, leveraging our expertise, while keeping the decision-making authority with the business. CEPHR pairs people and strategy through thoughtful, meaningful connection to help you avoid costly turnover, increase retention, build and foster an engaged team, consistently assessing your needs and seeking feedback along the way.

​CEPHR is specially trained with over 12 years of unique Human Resources experience in various industries and has the expertise to guide you at every stage of the organization and every point of the employee life cycle to prevent you from making costly mistakes. What’s important to our stakeholders is important to us. While CEPHR is experienced enough to have tested methodologies and strategies to prevent risk and build healthy, engaged cultures, we also understand that each client is unique, and we tailor our creative approach and plans to our clients’ needs.

  • Are you a growing organization and need infrastructure, policies, or procedures?

  • Do you have a good on-boarding process in place?

  • Is there a Company Vision in place that provides a good road map with aligned strategies?

  • Have you thought about the best ways to engage your workforce? Can you say that you have an award-winning culture?

  • Are you concerned about turnover/retention?

  • Would you say that you are operating your business under optimal circumstances to mitigate risk?



Tiffany Castagno CEPHR Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany Castagno

Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany Castagno has practiced Human Resources for over 12 years and has a true passion for Human Resources and continuing to cultivate the evolution of Human Resources. She knows and appreciates the power of relationships, and trusts her stakeholders in the process as much as they trust her.


She understands that together is better and that we get nowhere alone. She is a Mentor and enjoys volunteering her time in the Community. CEPHR was founded on these principles and Tiffany believes in always beginning with understanding client needs and the business before beginning a project.

Tiffany is Co-author of a Children's Book "Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?", a book in the 30-part Series "Bruno's Amazing Adventures" with a Mission "To Change the World, One Child at a Time."

(412) 990-1361

4607 Library Road
Suite 220, #497

Bethel Park, PA 15102

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